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There is a problem with BB/BF77 matching in the app. That’s because there’s a problem with the music files downloaded from the Les Mills site.  They play correctly but they do not have track numbers reflecting the order in which they should be played.  This is the first time in 800+ releases this has occurred. 

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Version 1.89 is now available

The changes for this release are updated support for the new formats for programmes.  These include the Athletic stream of BODYSTEP along with many express formats of the other programmes. There is a new ‘Beep on 3-2-1’ option in Settings to allow a tone to be played during the last three seconds of a pause when

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Version 1.88 is now available

This is primarily to support iOS9 and provide better information on the lock screen and easier navigation when using headphone and Bluetooth controllers. BODYSTEP now allows creation of Athletic format classes with the ‘Peak’ track followed by the ‘Athletic’ one as well as the reverse order. The next/prev track buttons have returned in practice mode.

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Music levels

One of the issues with having a large collection of music is that it has been mastered at different levels.  That was less of an issue in days past when you would play an entire album in order on CD or LP (ask your grandparents what that was).  With the ease of ripping and playing in formats like

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Version 1.87 is now available

This is a bug fix and small tweaks release.  The main change is to stop the matching process triggering so often after Apple Music was turned on and started updating the music library far more frequently than before. BODYSTEP now creates Athletic format classes with the ‘Athletic Circuit’ track after the ‘Peak’. New items in

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Version 1.86 is now available

The major change for this release is the implementation of a new method of playing a class.  This will result in the disappearance of the rare – but embarrassing – situation where tracks would be skipped through without playing. Previously the method of playing classes was to use a timer to check the current playing

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Press Play and Go

A music manager for group fitness instructors.  It allows playlists to be created from your existing music as well as all thirteen Les Mills programmes.  Australian instructors will like the ability to create playlists using only PPCA-free music. You can add breaks or timed pauses between songs and have a visible (and optional audible) countdown before

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Version 1.85 is now available

The main improvement in this version is allowing you to specify the format of the class when creating a playlist. This become more of a priority because BODYATTACK and BODYVIVE recently changed class format – but mixing is still allowed using the old format. Then there’s the issue of GRIT which now allows tracks from

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We are a small company that writes software.  The most obvious reason you are here is to find out more information about our product for group fitness instructors – Press Play and Go. Have a look at the frequently asked questions, tutorials, future ideas or just general ramblings.