Version 1.87 is now available

This is a bug fix and small tweaks release.  The main change is to stop the matching process triggering so often after Apple Music was turned on and started updating the music library far more frequently than before.

BODYSTEP now creates Athletic format classes with the ‘Athletic Circuit’ track after the ‘Peak’.

New items in the ‘Settings’ tab allow the voice (1 male, 4 female) and accent to be chosen. The audible countdown can now be optionally set to speak every ten seconds.

Practice mode will now pause for incoming phone calls.  Practice mode now allows faster access to required music by dragging on sliders (no more ‘next’ and ‘prev’ buttons).  It also continues to play when the app is in the background or the screen has been switched off.

Items in BODYVIVE have been renamed to reflect how tracks have changed in the 3.1 relaunched format.  Integrated Strength used to be called Dynamic Strength and Upper Body Strength used to be called Integrated Strength.  All releases and playlists will now show as the current 3.1 track types but also mentioning the previous name.  This should help avoid confusion.  Thanks to Karyn S for all the help on this.

Added a new panel to show what items have triggered the matching process.  New optional setting to stop the matching alert box appearing if the user only wishes to rely on the badge notification.

Made release iOS7 compatible so those users get the new method of playing classes and practice mode.

Added links to Facebook group and mailing list.  Once tapped they will be permanently removed from the display even if you don’t sign up.

There are now five types of releases.  They are originals and covers.  The originals contains the releases with the original artist music.  They are grouped by default into the ‘Original CD’ variation.  If a download version is also available (they are usually missing the trailing silence that appears on CD songs if there’s a bonus track afterwards) then that is in the ‘Original download’ variation.  There is also an ‘Alternate CD’ variation where some people have different length tracks from the other variations and I’m not able to tell whether they are correct or not.  They tend to be on much older releases so I suspect it may be an issue where they were digitised from tapes that may be running at varying speeds due to their age.  The covers consist of both ‘Cover CD’ and ‘Cover download’.  Originally only the first one was used in Australia (called ‘PPCA-free’) but it looks as if they are now being made available across the rest of the world.

When creating a ‘cover’ playlist only the tracks that are part of the covers CD and download variations will be available.  For an ‘original’ playlist tracks from all five variations will be available.  The ‘PPCA FREE’ icon has now been replaced by the more generic ‘COVER’ one.

This release requires iOS 7.0 as the minimum version.

Available in App Store: 13th August 2015 07:43 (Eastern Australia Time)