Version 1.88 is now available

This is primarily to support iOS9 and provide better information on the lock screen and easier navigation when using headphone and Bluetooth controllers.

BODYSTEP now allows creation of Athletic format classes with the ‘Peak’ track followed by the ‘Athletic’ one as well as the reverse order.

The next/prev track buttons have returned in practice mode.  This is helpful when there are a lot of tracks in a playlist.  The recent releases of BODYJAM have been a prime driver of this.

Practice mode now displays current track information on the lock screen. Buttons now move to next and previous tracks.  Double-click on the headphone controls to skip to the next track; triple-click to return to the previous track.

Added support for iOS9. Due to the deprecation of some UI elements in iOS8 – and their removal in iOS9 – this and future updates will no longer be supported on iOS7.  Apologies for that but I simply to not have the resources to maintain different codebases.

This release requires iOS 8.0 as the minimum version.

Available in App Store: 15th September 2015