June 2015 – New quarterly releases and express classes

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New Quarterly Releases

The data for the releases that will be unleashed on participants later this month is being added.  Thank you for all the emails that you send through from the app.  It helps tremendously in quickly making the data available for all instructors.

The digital download version is always first in.  The CD versions – international and Australian covers – are added as the data is sent in by instructors – usually within 24 hours – so don’t panic if the latest release isn’t present the moment you download it.

There are a couple of issues with the current releases due to the rapid rate they are evolving.  The first is BB/BF69 can’t swap in the optional extension to the Balance track.  If you wish to do this you will have to create a BB/BF freestyle class.  The second is that BJ73 is restricted to switching only to the mash-up format.  The bonus ‘Old School’ block can still be added to your own mix as can the alternative first half of the ‘Jam in Love’ block.  This is due to the way the playlist currently handles the songs internally.

Recent Changes

Version 1.85 was recently made available.  This added the ability to create express format classes.  It seems these 30 and 45 minute versions of classes are on the rise so there was an increasing clamour for them.  This update runs on iOS 6.1 and later so that means 99.3% of all current users should upgrade to it.

I have started to update the web site on a regular basis with such things as frequently asked questions so please take a look there.