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See a pictorial walkthrough of 'Press Play and Go' to see all the features.

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Version 1.85 is now available

The main improvement in this version is allowing you to specify the format of the class when creating a playlist. This become more of a priority because BODYATTACK and BODYVIVE recently changed class format – but mixing is still allowed using the old format. Then there’s the issue of GRIT which now allows tracks from

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App Overview

If you’re reading this then there’s a good chance you’re a user of ‘Press Play and Go’. Thank you. I’m always touched – and a bit surprised – when people use my software. This series of posts will explain the development process used and the rationale behind certain decision which affects how the app works

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We are a small company that writes software. ┬áThe most obvious reason you are here is to find out more information about our product for group fitness instructors – Press Play and Go. Have a look at the frequently asked questions, tutorials, future ideas or just general ramblings.