Privacy Policy

Version 1.00 (15th September, 2018)

Software and companies should noticeably reflect the ethics of the people who create them.  We have tried to stick closely to that belief at X3 when producing ‘Press Play and Go’.  The short version is we do not sell, lease, or give away any of your information. Below we will provide further details on what information is collected and how we keep it secure.

As a side note we make our entire income from sales of the ‘Press Play and Go’ app.  We do not serve up advertisements.  We do not sell any data.  We do not interact with anyone else outside X3 Pty Ltd in any manner with your data. Due to the way the iOS Store works we have no knowledge of who purchased the software.  Our general view is that even though the vast majority of our customers are nothing but delightful in our interactions with them we would prefer to know as little about them as possible.

Who Are We?

X3 Pty Ltd is a small software development company based in Sydney, Australia.  It has an ABN of 52 109 741 666.  Due to its small size it only provides support via email – – or via a Facebook page –

All development, user support, and business processing is done in Sydney.  We do not outsource to any other organisation either locally or overseas.

Personal Data We Collect and How We Use It

The only personal data we receive is that sent to us via email or Facebook.

The app requests that the user sends a list of the music tracks they have on their device.  This is packaged in a text file and sent by the user via email.  Only if they elect to send this file do we receive it. The contents of this file are used to generate the data files that are used by the app to match their existing Les Mills releases.  Since it is sent by email X3 Pty Ltd has the email and whatever name the user has attached to that email account.  These emails are stored permanently within a company email account hosted by This server is in Vancouver, Canada. Their privacy policy is located at

The song data sent by a user is never shown to anyone else.  Its sole purpose is to allow us aggregate the data for a number of releases in order to generate the data file that best covers matching the greatest number of releases for the greatest number of customers.  All the emails are retained as it has helped the support process determine the cause of a matching problem when they can spot the point at which customer songs were no longer on the device.

The only identifiable information is that provided by the email sender.  In most cases this is an email address and name.  In some cases customers add additional contact information as part of their email signatures.  This is ignored as X3 Pty Ltd has a strict policy of only responding to customer queries in the same manner that they were contacted.

Emails are also used for support queries.  Past emails are also kept as it allows X3 Pty Ltd to see if that user has had similar issues before.

For the Facebook page we see a user’s name / handle when they like the page, make a post on the page, or send a message.  X3 Pty Ltd does not keep any details of these interactions outside that Facebook page.  The Facebook privacy policy is available at

Third Parties Data Collection

No software is written in a complete vacuum. Apart from Hushmail and Facebook (mentioned above) that are used for support and information dissemination there are a number of third parties used in development.

HockeyApp – this is an analytics software component produced by Microsoft.  The ‘Press Play and Go’ app includes this component in order to grab information about what caused the app to crash.  This is used to trace problems and make the app more reliable.  The data sent to the site contains the type of device, the version of iOS, and the stack trace that led to the crash.  There is no data sent that can specify an individual device nor the owner of that device.  The HockeyApp privacy policy is at

AWS – Amazon Web Services is used to host the data file that is downloaded on a regular basis to the app.  The server is located in Virginia, United States. Customer downloads are done anonymously. No logs are checked by X3 Pty Ltd to determine from where the downloads are being made.  The Amazon privacy policy is at

Data Consent and Data Deletion

For Facebook we can only see the name and photo provided by the user.  Should they wish to no longer be associated with the ‘Press Play and Go’ FB page they can unfollow it.  They also have the ability to delete any of their posts and messages on the page at any time.

For email if the user wishes their emails – data and/or support – to be no longer kept within X3 Pty Ltd they can email and request that items previously sent from that email address be permanently removed. All requested items for that user will be removed from the Hushmail IMAP email server and any X3 Pty Ltd machines on which they also reside.

Privacy Policy Changes

This policy will have the version number updated each time a change is made.  Those changes will be documented here.

Version 1.00

Initial version due to Apple mandating it for all app changes.  Not the most enjoyable Saturday night I’ve ever spent in writing this but there are necessary evils to be done when you’re a small company.